C stands for Culinarian and 3000 is the length in mm of the culinary system
C|3000 is a culinary system, that provides professional functions considering all steps of food preparation in one single space for an increased cooking experience of passionate home chefs. C|3000 is not a kitchen and not a just a counter or a stove.
No, we don’t offer exhaust ventilation but we can give recommendations and necessary specifications.
No, we don’t have an integrated oven. We consciously decided to separate stovetop cooking from oven tasks, alleviating congestion in a busy kitchen. But more importantly an oven under your range is not ergonomic and defeats the primary purpose in cooking, which is "looking at what you are cooking".
The C|3000 needs to be positioned against a wall. Our design team can support you how to integrate best the C|3000 into your kitchen space for a better work flow and an increased cooking experience.
A certified electrician and plumber is necessary to connect the C|3000. The C|3000 arrives completely assembled and needs only to be connected to the electric line, water inlet and outlet and possibly gas line. Marrone + Mesubim provides detailed mechanical and electrical drawings and detailed descriptions how to install the C|3000. Marrone + Mesubim offers also installation support at extra charge.
Marrone + Mesubim can organize transportation at an extra charge. The C|3000 arrives in a wooden crate and unpacked can be handled with the integrated rolling system for easy positioning.
The C|3000 is 3000 mm or 118.11 inches wide, 942 or 37.09 inches deep and 1345 mm or 52.95 inches high. The countertop is 900 mm or 35.42 inches high.
Sous-vide, also known as low temperature cooking, is a cooking method in which food is placed in a plastic bag and cooked in a water bath at an accurately regulated temperature. The temperature is much lower than usually used for cooking, typically around 55 to 60 °C (131 to 140 °F) for meat, higher for vegetables. The intent is to cook the item evenly, ensuring that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside, and to retain moisture. C|3000 comes with an integrated water bath and immersion circulator, as well as a vacuum sealer to seal your foods for sous vide cooking.
The C|3000 is available with 2 zones of induction + 2 zones of gas burners, or 4 zones of induction or 4 zones of gas burners. The founder’s editions come with matte black and matte white glass fronts. For customized finishes please contact our Sales & Marketing Tom Riby under tr@marronemesubim.com.
The C|3000 counter surface made of stainless steel, seamless and easy to clean. Please use a microfiber cloth and stainless steel cleaner to remove food stains. Apply a polish to protect the surface from further food stains. The fronts are made of glass and can be cleaned with a cloth and glass cleaner, same applies for the induction glass.
The current warranty for the C|3000 is 1 year
You can experience the C|3000 in the following locations:
  • Venice, Italy: Market stroll and culinary experience at the Palazzo Kitchen Table of the five starred Hotel Aman
  • Milan, Italy: test the C|3000 in the cooking lab of KitcheN Milano
  • Pordenone, Italy: See how the C|3000 is manufactured during our factory tour and test the C|3000 with our co-founder.
  • Paris, France: Cooking lab at the atelier of Michelin starred chef Simone Zanoni
  • Mykonos, Greece: private cooking experience at the villa of our co-founder
Contact experience@marronemesubim.com for further information.
The C|3000 can only be purchased directly from Marrone + Mesubim or through one of our official distributors. Please contact our Sales & Marketing Tom Riby tr@marronemesubim.com for more details
€72,000 Ex-Factory. Please contact our sales team info@marronemesubim.com
Yes, please email info@marronemesubim.com