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Joshua Latner (Mesubim) and professional kitchen manufactures Armando Pujatti and Maurizio Fantin (Marrone), redefine home cooking for an exclusive club of true food afecionados.

We inspire your culinary Vision

We help you design your own culinary journey and space. We support your awareness to investigate your own needs, style and performance at home.


Simone Zanoni

Design your kitchen

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Let’s create the ideal “culinary set-up” designed for cooking performance.

Design your kitchen

Sous Vide


So that you can focus on the joy of cooking

Rest area - Only C3


And sophisticated palates

Taps detail

professional induction

C3 front

Listen to our chefs...

That's why I have chosen this kind of kitchen, the Marrone + Mesubim

Chef Massimo Bottura is the owner of three Michelin star Osteria Francescana restaurant in Modena, Italy

Massimo Bottura


A stunning professional culinary system for your home.

C3 is a culinary beast both in size and power and it is all-professional, we offer a “culinary set-up” designed for cooking performance.

In most home kitchens, work flow suffers. Definition is blurred. Home chefs waste time and energy moving heavy pots from sink to stove, or switching between counters to complete a simple task.

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    Wash, cut and cook in stunning streamlined efficiency. Use the integrated sous-vide and rest areas when required. Give your passion for cooking full rein.

    Technical c3 Specifications

    drawed c3
    • 01 Dimension
      Width 3000 mm
      Height 1345 mm
      Depth 942 mm
    • 02 Features
      Materials: Seamless hand made stainless steel AISI 304 counter
      Induction: 4 big zones with up to 20 kW induction
      Veneers: Satin fronts and mirror edges
      Gas: 20,500 BTU/h gas burner power
      Speed: Boil 5l water in 6 minutes
    • 03 Fine Details
      Finishes: Hand finished vibrated countertop
      Lighting: LED lights 3000k
      Panels: Black or white matte glass Customisation Optional

    Push the limits of organisation and precision in the kitchen.

    Game-changing. The C2 takes our pioneering vision and extends the opportunities of kitchen design. Lighter. Compact. Purposeful and Beautiful. Professional yet Comfortable.

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      Wash-Cut-Cook once again a core design philosophy of the counter with a stainless-steel structure that possesses exceptional strength and a dynamic cooking experience. The new sliding shelf glides smoothly across the whole counter to provide easy access to your cooking ingredients and to rest your food. An option of integrated speakers by K-array premium audio system positioned on the backsplash demonstrates our intention to take ideas to the edge, combined with a separate 12” professional subwoofer, this is purely for the entertainer.

      Technical C2 Specifications

      Tech c2
      • 01 Dimension
        Width 2200 mm
        Height 1195 mm
        Depth 750 mm
      • 02 Features
        Materials: Seamless hand-made stainless steel
        Induction: 4 big zones with up to 20 kW
        Speed: Turbo charged induction
        Installation: Arrives as a fully built unit, easy to install
        Cooking: 18 culinary features
      • 03 Fine Details
        Certifications: UL Certified
        Lighting: LED lights 3000k
        Panels: Black/white matte glass, stone or custom
        Finishes: Hand-finished vibrated countertop, Veneers Satin fronts and mirror edges.

      Chef Table

      We have recently finished the kitchen for internationally known chef Massimo Bottura. We proudly installed it in Massimo and Lara Gilmore’s Casa Maria Luigia, near Modena. An amazing project, the interiors are chic, and contemporary art is cool. The Chef’s Table at the one end is where the chef cooks and the clients are on the other three sides *nice move Massimo!

      Massimo Bottura


      We call them wings but they are counters we manufacture to accompany the C2 or C3 and they are positioned on the right and left side. In the photo is pictured the C2 and the right-wing with a door and garbage. The wings are customized for each client according to their size requirements and can include a dishwasher, or garbage with a door, or storage. We can study your needs if you share your CAD drawings and provide pricing.

      wings main
      wings detail
      Counter One


      The C3 & C2 have a counterpart that fits with our culinary concept, the Mesubim Way of Life, and our Lifestyle Island Bars are placed opposite the C2 or C3. We have three versions: The Pro-Version, Nuovo in Lapitec, and the Chef’s Table in Corian.

      Counter Two

      Some examples

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