Marrone + Mesubim announce Massimo Bottura as Brand Ambassador

We are privileged to announce Massimo Bottura as Brand Ambassador for Marrone + Mesubim, a culinary company focused on inspiring home chefs. 

Having received the title of ‘World’s Best Restaurant’ twice, three Michelin-star Osteria Francescanahas played an important role internationally. 

Joshua Latner, designer of brand Marrone + Mesubim, says ‘no doubt Massimo is a prominent international culinary figure, and he has influenced many chefs and clients around the globe with his re-interpretations of traditional Italian dishes; his crunchy Lasagna, or, oops I dropped the lemon tart, are both fantastic iconic dishes. It was thrilling to watch and try Massimo’s dishes in an intimate setting surrounded by his art collection.”

We are very proud Massimo chose us for his new project “La Luigina” at Casa Maria Luigia, a recently restructured carriage house. Joshua Latner reaffirms their working relationship, ‘we share parallel values, mainly respect for tradition, performance and innovation. Massimo’s unique personality is a testament to his ongoing determination to be a global citizen, and notably after the earthquakes of 2012, Massimo’s inventive initiative was successful to restore the millions of kilos of broken Parmigiano-Reggiano saving the day.’

In celebration of this new partnership we produced four short videos that touch upon themes which are close to each of our hearts, namely: heritage, philosophy, performance and technology. These themes underpin our collaborative work and ethos, showcasing the human traits that make our kitchens what they are today. (Links to videos can be found in notes to editor).

Casa Luigina is the latest addition to Casa Maria Luigia in Modena, an intimate three-bedroom bungalow includes beautiful designs carried out by Lara Gilmore, Massimo’s partner in life and business.

The authentic Italian stone floors are balanced alongside our corian bespoke C2, the ultimate home chef ensemble “designed by a cook, for a cook” you see the sleek-chic character of:

The C2 is named after its size, 2.2 meters wide, a universal fitting culinary counter, an ensemble featuring a wash-cut-cook & rest, the essentials in home cooking says Joshua Latner ‘it is our aim toheighten the potential of home cooks using the Marrone + Mesubim culinary system.’

Our C2 features K-Array’s latest technology in micro speakers installed in the backsplash, giving a big sound, and Breville’s newest water circulating pump fitted on, and integrated into the counter to cook sous vide. Less clutter delivers more culinary efficiency, and anyone using our C2 can bemotivated to cook on our C2 and experience what is true culinary luxury.

The Corian surfaces and stainless steel throughout are the perfect balance in Casa Luigina, the contemporary aesthetic is heightened further by a spacious living area, offering uninterrupted views of the Emilian landscape.

Marrone + Mesubim was formed through the truest culinary passion: and longstanding kitchen manufacturer Armando Pujatti and his partner Maurizio Fantin, one of the world’s leading hand crafted and technically advanced kitchen manufacturers:

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