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Marrone + Mesubim is a unique fusion of breathtaking performance, contemporary design and intuitive technology. Born from the evolution of the modern day kitchen, the headquarters are situated in Zoppola, Italy where they share the same space as high performance manufacturers Iglu Cold Systems, Marrone Professional Custom Kitchen’s and Steelnovo.

Enhanced Efficiency

The kitchen has become one of the most important spaces in the house, the place we spend most of our time and the environment we rely on for functionality. Food is all about communication and health is key in the Mesubim way of life, that is why carefully studying existing systems, we have re-defined the way we work preparing a meal. The goal was to create a comfortable, streamlined process, enhancing our time efficiency and reducing the energy spent carrying pots and pans across the kitchen, we call this luxury performance.

Cutting Edge Craftsmanship

Marrone + Mesubim is living proof that that craftsmanship evolves. It embraces innovation, new materials and technology. What remains is sheer quality. Meticulous attention to detail. Textures and finishes that inspire you. Exquisite bespoke assembly and finishing. Stainless steel at the core with a signature vibrated stainless steel top and mirror edge that runs horizontally across the counter drawing the eye. Corian features to form the rest area and condiment draw. The draw interiors are a cosseting space designed to delight the organised cook, but with all the essentials for focused, high performance cooking.

Poised and Ready

We don’t believe that luxury has to come with complex installations and difficult instructions. So in the new C3, our design team have reimagined luxury. For a new era. The counter arrives as a whole, simply connect the water and electricity. Everything you touch is beautifully made from ultimate quality, pioneering materials. It takes just 8 weeks to arrive from the moment you order. The counter materials are heavily resistant and can be renovated, replaced and customised with ease.

Striving For Excellence Together

We believe in building strong partnerships with like-minded brands and professionals. To support the development, engineering and manufacture of its range of innovative culinary counters, Marrone + Mesubim will work with world leading partners who share fundamental values so that through innovation and technology, we can succeed in our respective market places.


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