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Marrone + Mesubim is a unique fusion of breathtaking performance, contemporary design and intuitive technology.
An integrated or stand-alone hand crafted counter from Italy that delivers an enriching experience for both the cook and those who prefer to be cooked for.

The C3 fits perfectly in-between any kind of kitchen counter.
The sides are 90 ̊ so you can have furniture up to the sides.

The C|3000 loft style is freestanding against the wall.The sides are 90 ̊ so you can have a butcher block if you preffer it to a classic counter.

In most home kitchens, work flow is not always well defined and home chefs find themselves moving heavy pots from a sink to a stove, or moving from one counter to another in order to complete a simple task.

Instead of having different kitchen counters, we imagined a 3000mm multifunctional, precisely defined system where you can WASH - CUT - COOK and we added and integrated SOUS VIDE and REST.


Founders Edition

3000mm x 940mm, White Matte Glass
€ 72,000

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A Stylish culinary statement


It takes true passion to make a change


Grateful yet commanding form